my not so mundane life afterall~


1. Just installed Astro recently at home and i’m addicted to it….AXN, Travel & Living, Asian Food Channel, Discovery Home & Health and E!…gosh…i am so addicted after being on an Astro diet for more than a year.

2. Found a great DVD place last night thanks to Fang. They have got some great classics there.

3. Just watched “Happy Together” by Wong Kar Wai. Still recovering from the shock that Tony Leung actually did a gay sex scene. Definitely have to give him credits for that! Go check it out!

4. Shifting to a new office is keeping me busy – getting the alarm system set up, replacing the old carpet with new ones, shifting furnitures, painting and cleaning. All needs to be ready by 1st Nov.

5. T’was nice to see Celeste back in town once again. Wishing her all the best.

6. After going meat-free for the last 7 days, i think i might have lost a slight bit of weight. My body dont feel like its worked up as much as before, things going in are much lighter and easier to digest.

7. But my bones are acting up on me lately. Having back aches, foot and knee aching as well. Need to see a chiropractor or orthopedic soon.

8. Had lunch with colleagues today and realized that i’ve been here for 6 months. how time has fly by so quickly. time to move on once again. 🙂


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