the awkward moment


am wondering…are malaysians shy in general? or are they kiasu? or just not friendly at all?

i have been living in a studio apartment for the last 4 to 5 months now and i’ve come to a conclusion that malaysians do not greet each other good morning / good day whatsoever in the lifts.

the mat salleh (the whites or foreigners – non-malaysian) all greet! even if they dont greet you when they get into the lift, they will at least say cheers or see you around or have a good day or bye when they walk out of the lift.

lifts are awkward places where you meet all sorts of strangers, you sometimes wonder if you should look at the person that just came in, or stare at the floor or ceiling, play with your phone or pretend theres no one in the lift. being in such an awkward place for a short time frame, the least you can do is smile at the person in the lift, or walk in, smile and say good morning / afternoon. it really does break the ice!

i believe the main reason this is happening is because us malaysians are not taught since childhood to speak / voice up. we are taught to listen and memorize work. we excel in studies, but our mouth will just not open! i remember the days back i uni, it was a total culture shock when we are asked to call the lecturers by their first names instead of Mr so and so or sir or madam and we are to voice out our opinions.

so, the next time you enter a lift or while waiting for a lift, smile at your neighbour



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