Buffet Dinner @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial


My first advice if you’re thinking about this place for dinner : DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Buffet Dinner (food only) : RM88++, (with unlimited flow of wine) : RM118++

Price wise, I think its pretty decent, but the food was not up to standard. There were the usual selection of sashimi & sushis, oysters & prawns. Salad bar. Indian cuisine. Western cuisine. Very little choices in the Chinese sector and a wide variety in desserts.

Shashimi Super dissapointed. There were only tuna and bellyfish. No Malaysia favourite Salmon. The rice for Sushi was horrid and the cold soba noodles were totally soft and soggy. urgh.

Oysters & Prawns Their oysters were big and juicy, but then again, im not a fan of big oysters. I prefer them in smaller bite sizes as they tend to be sweeter that way. The oysters here were somewhat bland and did quite pass my tastebud. Prawns were fairly fresh, and again, not sweet.

Salad Bar Ok, i think the salad bar was one of the best for the night. Then again, do you go for buffet for the salad? NO. They had a wide variety of leafy vegs, olives, smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled vegs. And oh, they have rojak too, but nothing compared to what my aunt can make.

Indian Cuisine Wide selecion of lamb, prawns, naan, rice, dhal, quail and satays. There was also rasam, an indian soup / drink. The rasam was no good. The banana leaf rice shop i go to have better rasam. But the quail was nice. The meat was soft and smooth and was pleasant to consume.

Western Cuisine Didnt get to try the pasta though, but the roast beef and kebab lamb was excellent. The asparagus & mussels were a bonus too.

Chinese Cuisne They only had soup noodles (which i didnt bother trying, coz all they really have is fishball). Then they have siu long bao and lo mai kai. the siu long bao was worst then what i had this afternoon at Axian Dim Sum, and already that was quite lousy. As for the lo mai kai, they looked too pathetic. Didnt bother.

Desserts Ahhh, i take desserts seriously as they determine the mood after dinner. Freshly made hotcakes with ice cream. FAIL. Puddings and kuihs. FAIL. Only the made to order chocolate souffle passed and the pineapple was sweet. hehe We also ordered coffee and none of us even make it to half a cup. 3 packets of sugar and the coffee was still BITTER, a bit like McD coffee, but slightly better.

So yeah, i didnt even bother taking any pictures, because i am utterly dissapointed with the food, you can google for Essence Sheraton and am sure there are enough pictures. Am hoping one day, Sheraton or Starwood PR team will read this and improvise.

* * *

If you’re a fan of buffet, go try Lemon Garden @ Shangri-la and also give Melting Pot @ Concorde a chance too. At least the oysters and prawns there are nice.


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