Dinner @ Boathouse Review

Boathouse situated at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur has been around for some time now , we hang around this place usually after dinner and with our pets too, yes, this is the one few places which are pet-friendly. KUDOS!

Anyways, the last time i had dinner at Boathouse was really quite some time ago and frankly i didnt really enjoy it that much. HOWEVER, we decided to have our Xmas Eve dinner there last night and whoa….I’m impress at the improvement of their food.

We had the Pumpkin Soup & Beef Carpacio with rockets for starters, both excellent! The Pumpkin soup had bacon bits, and as you know,….anything with bacon tastes good! haha

For the mains, we had the….flaming beef steak (very juicy, tender and cooked to perfection), deconstructed lamb cutlets was also very good and we ordered two other poultry dishes and thats the chicken with mustard seeds (the chicken was soft and not dry at all) and I had the Duck Breast which turned out better than expected! It wasnt heavy, had heaps of grilled veges and potatoes and it had a slight tinge of citrus in the sauce. Very nice.

As for the sweets, we had mango and peach pie ice cream and the banana and bread pudding baked to order! Although the waiting time for the pudding was rather long, but the wait was well worth it!


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