Steamboat with a whole new experience…

All my life living in Subang, I never knew that Sunway has also became a steamboat (hot pot) destination. I’ve always drove pass Sunway and never really paid attention to this place since its mostly filled with students.


Last night, since we were having a gathering at Subang for a change, we decided, hey, lets go check out one of those steamboat restaurants! Upon arrival to Yuen Buffet Steamboat, my facial expression changed.


It was a culture shock in my very own turf. This place, like a wet market, 3 storeys sardine packed with customers and theres an island of raw food ranging from vegetables, meat, seafood and various variety of processed fishballs.
Yes, every floor looks the same, and every floor has its own island of food. What amazes me wasnt just the amount of ppl in this place, but the way ppl behave! There is also a smaller island with some cooked food like fried rice, fruits etc…but particularly, there was the dark soya chicken wings! Upon arrival of the chicken wings brought in by the waiter, a swarm of ppl holding empty plates follows him like an ant trail. Even minutes the chicken wings are placed on the table, its GONE!


Check out these images and see for yourself. (take note of the ventilation “tubes” on the ceiling too….)



























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