Wiggylicious Launch (P1 Wiggy Wimax)


P1 invited us again for their official launch party at The Loft, KL from 2pm till 4pm. Went there right after our usual Level5 meeting with Vernon.

Pretty much a common launch party, but what was interesting was that they invited 7 celebrity bloggers and made them somewhat like the “ambassador”. Cant remember what was the term they used but yeah, these fellas got themselves some great freebies! the WIGGY USB modem dongle + subscription + laptop. sweet! (but in my mind i;m like thinking, do these celebs need like the 5th lappie? hmmmm)

The floor was then open up to the media for Q&A sessions. And oh, get your WIGGY at this coming PC Fair and get yerself a free Acer laptop too. (24month plan @ Rm149 monthly)

I have STILL yet to get my WIGGY modem working simply because i have not installed Windows platform onto my comp. Need to get the installation CD. Lets hope i do get it up and going this weekend!!

^ fellow bloggers & forumers unite

^ freebies – one huge ass paper bag with small items HAHA – stickers, badges & multiple usb port.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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