this love hate relationship

  • my 2.2ghz macbook pro of less than 1.5years suddenly died on me 2 days before the CNY break
  • it died while i was one of my important client’s place rushing on amendments
  • found out that i could still transfer files out, i immediately bought the new 2.4ghz mbp to rush on work
  • only to find out, i dont have the cable needed to transfer files, ended up having to use the old laptop and transfer files via USB
  • went to 2 major IT centres in the klang valley and STILL UNABLE to find a firewire800 cable
  • after spending 7grand on the new mac, to find out that they didnt even supply a video cable output
  • looks like i’ll be spending alot more on accessories
  • i also have no other choice but to use the mac because im in this line of business
  • and because the mac is virus free
  • and because this thing syncs my address book from my phone oh-so-easily

sigh….I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.


3 Responses to “this love hate relationship”

  1. 1 ahtak

    No worries, I have a few extra FW800 and FW800~FW400 cables at home. Let me know if you still want to borrow.

    Thou I dun quite like the new MBP designs, but guess I will still stick to Mac for a while, until they have a new design on the MBP …

  2. where did u get the cable? I need to buy one for sure.

    Am hoping the crashed MBP will be fixed by tmmr….its still at the clinic and i need some files badly!

  3. 3 ahtak

    Comes from the WD Studio external HDD and the FW CF Card Rearder I got earlier. Maybe you can have a trip to LowYat, or just grab a WD Studio for the Cable and Backup purposes ….

    *Soli for later reply ah, I thought will get Mail notice when there’s update in your comment area … hehehehe

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