putrajaya…my point of view…


its been a while since i last took a drive down to Putrajaya, (according to Wikipedia, Putrajaya is a planned city a Federal Territory just like the city of Kuala Lumpur), and I made my morning free today just to head there to re-apply for my lost IC (identification card or otherwise known also as MyKad). I choose to head to Putrajaya to get my MyKad done, cause i have heard and read on their website that if I were to do it at their HQ, I can get it done and collect in one day. AWESOME! (while other branches need like 10 working days to collect)

sp yeah…took the highway from Subang all the way to KLIA, and took the Putrajaya exit. Toll charges : RM5.20

searched for Precinct 2, which was where the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) is.

Buildings were huge and mighty at Putrajaya, and they are all mostly if not mistaken (correct me if i’m wrong) are government offices. They look new, design was nice, roads were spacious, lamppost and traffic lights had new designs too. Cool! I was impress, cause at least our money has gone to good use making a nice infrastructure. I shall not however mention how much each lamppost cost….as to what i heard about it.

so tra la la, i found the JPN building, pretty easy to locate, BUT to my dismay and horror, NO BASEMENT PARKING! i went rounding 2 rounds around the building and basement parking was for staff only. COME ON! such a nice BIG building, no parking? Staffs should be parking outside instead!!! *PISSED OFF #1*

found an outdoor parking, walked acrossed the road (no sheltered pathway f.y.i, what if it was raining?)…went into the building and instructions as to what and where i was suppose to go was clear. there were signs and was easily navigated.

at the information counter, i told the lady i lost my IC, need to re-apply. and asked if i can change address too, while im here. then she asked if i brought any supporting docs such as electricity bill or water bill to proof that the address. so yeah, i was dissapointed. i didnt bring those, what the heck. forget abt changing address then.

very quickly, i was my turn, and the lady at the counter told me this was my second time i lost my IC!!! which means i have to pay RM200…i was like…..wait a min, this is my first time losing the MyKad, and first time i lost my IC was before MyKad was implemented and i was like 14 years old~!! No choice, she says its in the system..so yeah, im like RM210 poorer now. Thank God i had enough cash, cause their Credit Card system is down! (their website says you can pay by credit card!) *PISSED OFF #2*

*PISSED OFF #3* They told me i have to come back the next day to collect my IC. takes 24 hours. i was screaming in my head by this time.

I guess this was my bad, as it was stated in their FAQ, it takes 24 hours to do the IC at HQ. fed up, i told the lady i’ll collect my IC at PJ, which is nearer to my place and that will take 10 to 14 days. being fed up i say OK!

waited for my turn to take a digital picture, and was given a temporary IC, and headed back to office.

Shouldnt have waste time driving all the way there + toll! Should have gone to a nearer branch, takes the same amount of time anyways.



4 Responses to “putrajaya…my point of view…”

  1. kesian.. always dread going to govt offices myself.

    here’s hoping to make you feel better. a story about a very blur person.

    i inserted mykad into the atm absent-mindedly yesterday night. i only realised it when i pushed the card into the slot and noticed the blue instead of the usual black/yellow. it was too late. card went in, cant be read, screen says, “kad tidak sah”.

    so yeah, bodoh kan aku.

  2. LOL! looks like u lagi blur. i hope your mykad didnt get stuck in the machine though!

    think i nearly put in my IC into atm as well, coz public bank’s card is blue colour

  3. 3 frossonice

    for security reason, public cannot park at the basement parking. if you must know, JPN is one of those department consider high security area. the blame on public parking should go to Perbadanan Putrajaya instead. they have all there rules and regulation on what u can and cannot be build around putrajaya.

  4. i totally respect the fact that JPN needs high security, well, with all the pretty looking infrastructure at putrajaya, they COULD build a carpark building and have bridges linking buildings like airport.

    can they not do something like that? its all about planning ler…

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