bag review : Kata DR-467


I recently got into a photography hobby and started buying lens and stuff, which dont come by cheap. I found it frustrating not being able to carry all my gears in one bag, that is the laptop + photography items. Not forgetting that it has to keep them safe and comfy.

Thanks to leolaksi from twitter community, the Kata DR467 bag was recommended. i looked it up online and did my research. It didnt look too bad and it fits my criteria. I was contemplating between the Lowepro or the Kata.

Finally found the Kata a much cheaper choice and better review on forums, i bought it over and it was delivered to my doorstep the very next day. Sweet. Satisfied with their service.

Oh, before I forget, I was using the Crumpler King Single for my MBP 15.4″ too, so heres my comparison between the Crumpler and Kata. What i love about the Crumpler was the look, but what i didnt like about it was – it was heavy and it doesnt have a straight back to put your documents.

So heres my quick review of the Kata –

Pros :

  • lightweight
  • its bright and yellow inside
  • it comes with a raincoat
  • 5 years warranty
  • it can be attached to a trolley (sold separately)
  • neat compartments, space and zip
  • it has a small net water bottle holder tucked neatly at the side, which can be stored away

Cons (what i dont quite like about it)

  • looks quite “manly” and not very fashionable
  • smaller compartments are not very spacious
  • i dont quite like their logo LOL


The Kata DR467 is indeed overall a great bag (well, i’ve only used it for an evening so far, will update flaws if there are any). The material / textile of the bag isnt exactly the best and in fact, feels a little tacky, as the Crumpler material feels better on hand. But after putting the MBP 15.4″ + DSLR 450D + 2 lens + other junks like wallet, notebook, CD, charger etc…the bag was surprisingly lightweight and sturdy. It doesnt look like its gonna tear or break. I’m happy with that. And im happier with the service and price I paid for it. Oh, did I also mention that it can fit a 17″ MBP easily? theres still heaps of space in the laptop compartment.

For other reviews and images visit : Yamiya Photography


7 Responses to “bag review : Kata DR-467”

  1. 1 leolaksi

    good review juan. i had my doubts also about the kata. i liked the thin profile of the upper section. initially i had the impression that it couldn’t last. i’ve had mine for nine months of rough and tumble and its doing great. i was really really disappointed with the crumpler. there’s something about the lower part of my bag that when it’s fully, it is not balanced right and it causes my back to hurt.

    i agree re the material and logo:)

  2. 2 leolaksi

    also, it is ok to link your blog to mine?

  3. re : back hurt

    hmm, could my lower back pain been caused by Crumpler? lets test out this Kata for few days and see how back feels.

  4. Looks like the KataDR-467 might be a good one for me. I like the illustrating photos that went your post as well. It made for a nice example so I could get an idea of what the bag looks like. Great job! 🙂

  5. Sounds like a good bag, and it’s not that expensive compared to Lowepro. One question though, can you easily take out your DSLR from the Kata bag without putting it on the floor? Some Lowepro backpacks such as the Slingshot and the Fastpack have quick side access zips which allows you to take out the camera very easily.

  6. u are right on that point, i have to put the bag down somehow to get the camera out, thats also because i have other loose lens inside and dont want to risk dropping any of it out.

    If its just one camera and the lens is already attached to that camera, i think it shouldnt be a problem getting it out without putting the bag down.

    of coz the lowepro is specially made with the quick access, but then again, thats totally different concept. i like the Kata coz it allows me to put my laptop when travelling.


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