Congrats to Pam and Vanessa – Amazing Race Asia Season 2!


so what did y’all do on Valentines huh? come on, tell us all about it! well, frankly i didnt do anything romantic, heres what i did!

pack up and left office at 6pm, tapau (takeaway) dinner, got home, went for a swim, showered and stuck to the TV all night long with my dinner.

there was The Last Comic Standing, that Dat Fang was good i tell ya! then there was American Idol, down to the last 24 contestants followed by current favourite – Amazing Race Asia Season 2, am so proud of our Malaysian girls for getting 2nd place, although they didnt get any cash prize, the feeling of winner over the Filipino boys was good enough. Congrats for Adrian and Collin, good on ya for learning world flags and congrats to the Filipino boys too for winning so much already for getting to the pit stop first so many times!


One Response to “Congrats to Pam and Vanessa – Amazing Race Asia Season 2!”

  1. Pamela was from Sri Garden. if not mistaken ;P
    i was hoping so much that they could win.

    Joining TARA S3?
    application closes next week.

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