protection can never be neglected…and thats what exactly happened.

after purchasing a brand new 15.4″ apple macbook pro, i didnt bother looking for a new bag for this baby šŸ˜¦

one fine day while driving, my laptop which was inside my old bag (used for 12″) fell onto the floor when i jambreak.

upon getting to the office, i saw a dent on my baby and boy oh boy was i heartbroken.

so yeah. its been 2 whole days now researching for the best bag to get…heres 2 that i think looks best, tell me what you think šŸ™‚

condition : it has to be a backpack cause i carry it around alot for work

1) Crumpler King Single (priced retail RM465)

2) Booq Mamba (priced at RM667 from Singapore)

review from Juan : very nice bag, but overly priced. cant afford šŸ˜¦

3) DIY Computer Sleeve (price unknown, depends on material)

* * *

i might get the crumpler šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “protection”

  1. where’s your samsonite?

  2. samsonite is still around, but samsonite fits to a max of 13″ laptop, thats why i got the dent for this new 15.4″. The samsonite can zip up, but the laptop is protuding from the protective sleeve inside…


    am going to get the crumpler, but they dun have the green colour one here!

  3. good choice for crumpler. booq mamba is just too heavy for you. Anyway, the price for it here is RM400+

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