sarawak a.k.a catcity


phew, i;m finally back from sarawak (borneo island, east of malaysia.)

i flew there on wednesday to attend a friend’s wedding and stayed on till sunday noon. what we did there? eat, sightsee a little, drinks, chats and kayak! Kuching a.k.a catcity, compared to KL is a much more laid back town with no high rise buildings (highest is the civic centre).

when i first arrived there on wednesday, i thought the town was dead. i was like..”where is everybody?”

nonetheless the trip was an enjoyable one, special thanks to Chris and his newly wed wife, Hui Hui, and the rest of the crew.

to cut the story short, heres a few tip for you on Kuching;

1_if you are travelling to Kuching towards end of the year, remember to bring a raincoat / umbrella, coz it rained 48 hours non-stop and i was getting a little worried…

2_kayaking at the sarawak river is a must (but not recommended during wet weather) – Kuching Kayak

3_for the non-halals, you have to try the “kueh chap”

4_dont forget to buy some Sarawak Pepper home as souveniers

* * *

TOP 7 Food in Kuching

1_Kueh Chap at Carpenter Street (city)

2_Khong Piah

3_Deep Fried Calamari


5_Sea Coconut drink with lime

6_sourish noodle (cant remember what it is call)

7_ Grill Lamb & Pork at Happy Valley

*author’s note : i didnt like the overrated “kolo mee” because i think it tasted a little plasticky. not my bowl of noodles.


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