living with ika, serena c and pietro


hehe, i now pronounce myself a contest-whore / junkie. any opportunity to win freebies! this time around, is having a competition sponsored by RHB Bank, and its called “Living with Ika, Serena C & Pietro”.

basically, ika, serena c and pietro is 3 morning dj host for a local radio station here in malaysia –

they have come up with 300 cardboards of themselves (yeah, speaking of self indulgence), they scattered this 300 cardboards out to the public/contestants and we, contestants are to bring it everywhere we go i.e free publicity for them lah!

so what do we get in return for doing all this? we will win (hopefully) Rm50k after 21 days. the winner will be the one with the most publicity and exposure to the public and our MAIN objective is to get on newspaper / magazines or even on TV.

and of coz, to those who spot us carrying around these cardboards, you are welcome to stop us, take a photo of me and the cardboard and post it online their website and you might win something for yourself too 🙂 win-win situation la macam tu!

so yeah, for ALL information on my 21 days with the cardboard – stay tuned at Living with Ika, Serena C, Pietro and Juan 🙂


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