Hong Kong / Macau Budget Airline Travelogue (Day1 to Day4)


Day 1, Friday – Travelling Day

Leaving from KL, we took a cab around 12.15pm to LCCT airport to catch Air Asia flight at 3.20pm. Theres a new policy on boarding these days, where you can bring in mineral bottle of water. we had to finish up the water upon boarding or throw it away. (wat a waste!) anyways, while waiting for our flight, we were surrounded by …i would say quite rowdy loud speaking chinese either from HK, Macau or China. not a very good impression from the start. Next thing i know, theres this “grandpa” seated right behind me on the plane and he was talking loudly because he is probably half deaf!

When arrived at Macau, we rushed to get a ferry across to HK (45mins ride).
(note to travellers; Macau-HK ferry is 24 hours, during peak hours, theres ferry every other 15 mins.) Night ferry cost about HKD$176 per adult.

Once we got out from the port at HK, we were glad to see friends waiting for us. They brought us for some food nearby (coz we were starving) and we had to take another ferry (20mins ride) to their home at Park Island (near Chingy bridge)

Too exhausted to go anywhere else after being on a plane and 2 ferry rides, we konked out immediately.

Day 2, Saturday – brief shopping & drinks

Being at HK, you must not miss visiting “Ladies Market” (lui yan kai) at Mongkok. You can easily get there via MTR. Here you can bargain on items, slashing prices, fake handbags, cute phone straps and give the fermented beancurd (chow tau fu) a try. Note to travellers, heaps of ppl on this street and you can also shop at “boh hai kai” which also meant sneakers street.

Thanks to some friends of ours who have been working in HK for couple of years now, brought us to a place at Happy Valley (pao ma dei), up above a wet market for some delicious seafood and local chinese food. Not a posh looking place, but serves good food and always packed with ppl. Best if you could make reservations beforehand.

Right after dinner, we headed off to Lan Kwai Fong, famous for bars and pubs. We got a table at LOST, a nice little bar and sat upstairs. Here we did some catching up with some old friends and had a few good laugh after few drinks. Drinks here starts from HKD$40 and above.

After some drinks, we then took the ferry back to Park Island and knocked out for the night. (note to self: do not get onto a ferry after drinks. very nauseous!!!)

Day 3, Sunday – Cheung Chau Island

Approximately 30mins ride (fast ferry) from the pier to Cheung Chau, this is a small island, like a village and has no cars. We arrived on this island around 3pm, had some noodles and yummilicious fishballs, went kayaking for 2 hours, picked a bagful of baby clams on one of the shores, quick shower, bought some fresh live seafood and had a gala wonderful dinner.

Around 11pm, we headed back out to HK and stayed over at another friend’s place at Causeway Bay.

Day 4, Monday – tram rides & the peak


Now that the weekend is over, all our friends are at work, we took a tour ourselves. We hop on to the tram (called the ding ding) and took a ride from Causeway Bay all the way to Wan Chai then to Sheung Wan. At Wan Chai, if you want to check out some Nintendo, PS, WII and CDs, do drop by the mall call 188 (yat pat pat). At Sheung Wan, drop by Antique St to see some 2nd hand goods and antiques.

By the time we finish walking Antique St, we were hungry, sweaty and didnt buy anything yet!

So anyways, after all the rush here and there, we got onto the MTR, arrived to Central (chong wan) we got a cab (HKD$40ish) and went up to the scenic Peak.

We were fortunate since its summer, the view was superb and clear.

Theres 3 ways to get down from the Peak – cab (HKD$40ish), bus (HKD$9) & tram (HKD$33).


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