1) datin’s book is nearly done. working on the final touches here and there and we shud have mock up by next week and printing in 2 weeks time

2) krp has much lesser pages this issue. finishing it over one week. great.

3) management is about 40% done. articles are coming in slow, which is good coz there is just so much to do right now…but at the same time…looking at a tight deadline soon.

4) the restaurant is having lots of promo coming up to promo sales very soon. june promotion shud be coming up in few days time. look out for it. at the same time, need to prepare marketing kit, brochures, buntings and giant banner.

5) the isp company is also doing well and needs promo buntings for awareness very soon.

6) the jewellery retail shop also needs me to prepare visual merchandising for them…

7) need to prepare quotations quotations and more quotations

8 ) need to prepare my long awaited powerpoint presentation…..sigh…

9) a construction company wants me to do their business card….printing….AGAIN!

10) new concept for a corporate brochure at cyberjaya

hmm…i think thats about it. already going mad with the amount of ppl calling me. i better get some early sleep tonight.

p.s – oh btw, since the workload is overwhelming, i definitely need some help around. looking for senior graphic designers or jr art directors. URGENT!


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