On a gloomy morning of 4th June 2007


started the day this morning with an extremely sad news…a dear friend though not very close but still we share common grounds here and there and catch up once in a blue moon, gave her life up due to depression. she has told me before that on the outside she may look bubbly and cheerio and all, but deep inside, shes facing a very bad case of depression.

would it have helped if “we paid more attention” to this friend? really, there was no definite answer and its too late for anything now. all we hope or more like “wish” for her now is may she rest in peace and does not suffer inside out anymore.

goodbye chiQ from us all…

One Response to “On a gloomy morning of 4th June 2007”

  1. It’s truly shocking news. Who would have thought. Sigh.

    No one should go out like that, really. This is sad.

    RIP Chiq, you will be missed.

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