birthdays weekend


its once again birthdays to many in the month of april….oh shoot….i think i just forgot Josuf’s!!!

anyways, last night was ma’s bday, today is MC’s and tmmr is dad’s.

it has been celebration thoughout this week. heck, even my cousin’s new born baby’s full moon is yesterday!

what does all these birthday means? it means…food for juan!!! hehe

anyways, it has been once again quite an eventful weekend. last week i was at singapore and this weekend i am at Stef’s place babysitting little Opium. visited KL International Book Fair as well at PWTC but it was such a dissapointment.  seriously i dun even know why they call it the “INTERNATIONAL” book fair when most of the stuff there are school books! most new books are only going for 10% off retail prices. Plus, i was actually quite surprise that they didnt advertise much about the event and when i got there, most of the audience there were Muslims. I hardly see any Chinese nor Indians there. that place was swamped by Malays and children running around. *bleah*

anyways, being active and all, i too went  for Time’s Bookshop warehouse sale nearby. This book sale alone is WAY BETTER than the International Book Fair. So folks, if you think of going to PWTC on labour day….forget it!

Next to Time’s Book Sale, Guardian was also having its sale of its own. Nothing much…food stuff were also near expiry…

anywaysssss….nothing much to say and no new pictures to show. bla bla bla….bye ppl and sleep tight!


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