happy happy holidays


yesterday (26th April) was the official installation day of our 13th king (agung) and because of this installation, the malaysian government declared a holiday for public schools, banks and government offices.

i just love it when there is such a declaration. the roads were clear and there was no jam! and i believe that because it was on a thursday, quite a number of ppl actually took leave today and on monday because next tuesday and wednesday is also a public holiday! yippee! this makes a very long long stretch of holiday for most ppl. (thurs till following wednesday). WOW!

anyways, i was dissapointed yesterday when i went to the optical shop at 1U to check out a pair of glasses. they have limited choice and colours on the brand that i wanted. if any of you know where else to get “PARASITE”, do let me know. 🙂

and oh btw, Phantom Of The Opera at Singapore was awesome. i wasnt allowed to take pictures though, but the props, settings and costumes of the show was breathtaking. the main actor – the phantom’s voice was very good too, strong and definitely the main attraction of the show.

have a great weekend ahead folks. cheers~


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