wat u doing here


it has been quite an interesting weekend i must say. from rescuing a friend from being drunk to meeting old faces to having gastronomic oysters to trying to be young again.

but before we get into all that, what i find most interesting is meeting old faces in clubs when you dun really want to be seen.

and whats the first thing ppl always say & ask?

“hey!!! (thats because we have forgotten names), how are you?! what you doing here?”

yep, “what you doing here?”, i mean hello, isnt it obvious that when someone is in a club, they are there for drinks and trying to have a good night. what do u mean by what i am doing here?

well, after explaining the fact that i’m here with ex-colleagues or with friends, they were try to look to your left and right to see if you are with your bf or not. then they will ask, “what you doing now?”. well, even if they dun ask, you will ask that anyway. coz seriously, what else is there is ask?

so, if you ppl out there have better sets of questions to ask “old friends”, you better let me know. or better still, what to say to “old friends” whom you didnt even want to see in the first place?


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