movie review : 300



awesome awesome. hehe thats my fav tagline at the moment.

undeniable, 300 is one of the best movies i’ve seen ever since Kill Bill. (of course Crash was also an awesome movie,but different genre altogether.)

the CG was awesome, the powerful king portrayed himself well, and the queen was as usual HOT. (queen is Lena Headey from Imagine You & Me)

what i love about the movie is the treatment used. the colours, the slow motion followed by the powerful impact of spears going thru bodies after body. awesome. it makes you wanting for more bloodshed!

on the other hand, what i didnt quite like was that the “monsters” or non-human like characters were too lord of the rings, its as though they re-cycled some props.

Other than that, this movie is a much watch (for those who can stand watching gory blood scenes, killings and head chopping off).

😀 enjoy ~


One Response to “movie review : 300”

  1. yeh, it’s gore at it’s finest – human killing machines. The lone stand, the battle against the odss. Epic.


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