mishaps! mishaps! mishaps!


of all offices….why ours?

was suppose to start work today after one week break for chinse new year. before i know it, my co-tennant called me up on thursday morning…

W : er..morning juan. u still sleeping?

JL : er…yeah. whats up?

W : i’ve got bad news.

JL : wat happened?

W : our office got broken into.

JL : WHAT THE FUCK?!?! (in my head)….so, whats lost?

W : your imac….its gone. my LCDs are gone.

JL : sigh…how nice.

broken grillso yesterday was just shock and moving place to place making reports and phone calls etc etc etc. only some time at night that i got down to thinking how much lost and damaged there is and if i have enough funds in my bank to support for the next 3 months with staff and salaries.

Business is doing alright, its not too bad really, but looks like tighter security has to be taken care of and i would have to starve myself for the next 3 months before things get kicking again.

sigh…what a start to the lunar year.


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